Secure computers by learning the hacker’s mindset

Myself and Arthur Donkers from 1Secure have started a new security awareness course, we have called: "Protect by Breaching"

We take you through several attack-scenarios, where you as the attacker will learn methods used to gain access to computers, services and information. Once you know how they do it, you will be able to recognize them and stop them in their tracks.

  • There are more than one million Computer-attacks a day
  • Cybercrimes cause damage for $ 300 billions a year, worldwide
  • Even the slightest of configuration mistakes, can make protected computers and networks vulnerable
  • Being able to spot vulnerabilities is the beginning of a better security of a digital environment.

And please note that the techniques and tools you learn in the training should only be used to protect your computers!

What the training Protect by Breaching offers our students

  • Learn by doing
  • Real and up to date exploits and vulnerabilities, to show you how easy it is to hack into a device, and how to fix it
  • Show the ease of taking over a computer and steal data, just like hackers would
  • Learn to hack real Windows™ machines in an Active Directory™ (AD) environment
  • Learn to hack real Linux machines in an Internet environment
  • Each participant has their own training machines with two months of free access

What the training Protect by Breaching offers our customers

  • We can develop tailor-made machines, both Windows™ and Linux
  • Flexible schedules to fit the planning and schedules of your organization
  • One session per week so participants can apply their new knowledge immediately
  • Sessions are done online, save on travel and expenses and your carbon footprint

What participants should bring to the training Protect by Breaching

  • Basic system administration and development experience on Windows™ and/or Linux
  • Be available for 4 weekly sessions of max 4 hours
  • Have a hands-on attitude and willingness to learn

Contact us on FaceBook, Twitter @4nqr34z, @theart42 or send us a message using this contact form

You will get us both for 16 hours but we will need a group of minimum 4 people to start.

Rates are 1000 euro's pr. person for four sessions, 800 if there are more than 4 people participating. This also includes 2 months access to tryhackme. Prices are also negotiable if there are many participants from the same company

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